(Sr) Applications Specialist/(资深)应用支持专员
公司名称: 罗氏诊断产品(上海)有限公司
部门名称: 客户关爱部
招聘人数: 若干
发布日期: 2020-03-30
工作地点: 成都


Workday ID: 202002-104943

You will be responsible for Applications Support in the assigned area.

Main Tasks & Responsibilities主要工作职责 :
1. Conducting operator training for end users after installation of instruments. Feedback to the sales team on the tests' usage of each new training instrument. Maintaining and updating product data for customers.
设备安装后为最终用户提供操作培训,向销售团队反馈每台新培训仪器的项目开展情况, 向客户维护并及时更新产品资料
2. Solving application / product problems promptly and completely; providing a comprehensive technological solution to the customer;
3. Providing a communication link between the customer and the company to help ensure that effective service is provided to the customer, handling custome's complaint;
4. Conducting product technical training for Sales/Engineers/distributors. Maintaining and updating customer products information promptly;
5. Updating the maintenance data timely and accurately according to the requirements of the service SOP. Proficiently using tools such as Rexis, Grips and improving the service skills by continuous learning. Summarizing the working experience and sharing it with other applications;
6. Supporting Sales to achieve annual sales target, participating in pre-sales support and new project promotion. Visiting customers regularly and promoting Roche medical value and service brand; Timely feedback on customer situation and report market information to ensure key customer satisfaction and loyalty.
配合销售同事达成年度销售目标, 参与产品售前支持及新项目推广。定期拜访客户,推广罗氏医学价值和服务品牌; 及时反馈客户情况和报告市场信息,以保证重点客户的满意度和忠诚度
7. Coordinating instrument installation with Service Engineer and Sales. Working closely with sales and Customer Service Team, actively coordinating resources and cooperate with other departments to solve user problems as soon as possible and ensure perfect customer experience.

Basic Requirements of the Job基本任职资格:
You should hold Bachelor degree or above in Molecular Biology/ Medical Laboratory/ Medical Pathology/Life Science or equivalent professional.
You should have:
1. Presentation skill, Analytic skill, Training skill;
2. Personal Computer knowledge;
3. Good track record for working in a MNC company for two to five years, with related work experience in application support.