Business Service Manager 业务服务经理
公司名称: 罗氏诊断产品(苏州)有限公司
部门名称: -
招聘人数: 1
发布日期: 2020-03-30
工作地点: 苏州-工业园区


Who we are:

At Roche, 90,000 people across 150 countries are pushing back the frontiers of healthcare. Working together. Our success is built on innovation, curiosity and diversity.

As the worldwide market leader in in-vitro diagnostics, Roche is committed to providing the latest cutting-edge diagnostic solutions to advance the health and wellness of people worldwide. Roche Diagnostics (Suzhou) Ltd. was established in April 2015, with approximate investment of 450 million CHF and went into operation in end of 2018.

The new manufacturing site with a R&D center in Suzhou, China, addresses the growing demand for diagnostic tests in China and the Asia Pacific region; ensuring people have access to high-quality reagents, while providing a long-term sustainable contribution to meet the healthcare needs of the region.

Who you are:

You’re someone who wants to influence your own development. You’re looking for a company where you have the opportunity to pursue your interests across functions and geographies.

Where a job title is not considered the final definition of who you are, but the starting point.

What we expect you could, as each colleague around you, aim high and think out of the box, embrace new changes and things with open mind. Confront challenges with passion and courage. Work with colleagues with integrity and keep up the good job.

Job Summary职位概述:


Serve as RDSZ Central Service Department sub-function leader to take charge of RDSZ site-level business service activities; leverage & supervise all contracted service providers and own staff to deliver catering service, company transportation service, site cleansing service, laundry service, pest control service, site holistic waste management, site gardening service, office workspace planning, office supply, reception service, mail service, gym & convenience service, site event support;  lead on-job innovation & continuous improvement for the mentioned service scope; seize and manage RDSZ’s current and future development needs to setup corresponding service strategy, deploy corresponding service plan, establish & track corresponding service effectiveness .  In the meanwhile, lead this sub-function to ensure cost-effectiveness, GxP & local regulatory compliance, process standardization and align with Roche group sustainability requirement.




Main Tasks & Responsibilities主要工作职责 :


1.         Lead own team member & IFM vendor staff to delivery all requested site business service activities, fully involved into service scope related global/local GxP procedure and process, setup & track service strategy & team goals, promote on-job innovation, service process standardization and continuous improvement. 领导自有团队和综合设施管理驻场团队雇员完成所需的所有厂区业务服务行动,充分介入所属服务范畴中与GxP相关的总部/本地流程,制定并追踪所属服务相关的服务策略及团队目标,推进在职创新、服务流程标准化及持续改善。


2.         Take full responsibility of related service scope’s SOP lifecycle management 负责所承担的职责范畴内所有标准作业程序的生命周期管理。


3.         Proactively lead & coordinate local regulatory triggered gap analysis, identify potential gap, and corresponding gap closure activities, always in a timing manner. 积极且及时领导和协调因本地法律法规引发的差异分析、潜在差异识别及对应的差异关闭。


4.         Proactively and innovatively working with internal and external stakeholders to identify needs and implement for enhance employee satisfaction, create a great workplace for employee. 主动并积极关注内外客户,识别需求并通过创新服务以提高员工满意度, 提供一个卓越的工作场所。


5.         Planning for the business services related budget in accordance with the company’s guideline, and be responsible to monitor the implementation status from time to time. 制定符合本公司既定标准的预算,监督管理相关费用的合理使用。


6.         To effectively manage, measure and evaluate all belonging services’ performance, compliance and satisfaction level, and also to facilitate the continuous improvement/upgrade of services/process/facilities so as to support the business activities in a sustainable approach. 有效评估和管理供应商的服务质量, 有效评估办公室设备设施的使用情况,推进服务及设备设施、服务流程的更新升级, 为公司业务活动提供持续性的支持。


7.         Ensure that all approaches taken on belonging service scope’s industrial safety, employee health and environmental protection are in accordance with current and future development and is based on corporate and local SHE requirement and practices. 根据总部SHE的要求和本地情况,使所属服务范畴内的工业安全、人员健康和环境保护措施符合总部目前和未来发展的方针政策。


8.         Planning for workspace optimization according to the company business growth as well as the headcount increase.  Facilitate the implementation of agile workplace strategy in all offices to engage our employees and in the meantime to meet the fast growth of the business. 根据公司业务发展和人员增长情况, 筹划工作空间的优化利用,在公司各处办公室积极推行灵活工作空间策略以满足公司业务快速成长及员工敬业需求。


9.         Following site GO-LEAN principal and implement workspace 5S management and eliminate waste and loss. 根据公司精益原则执行办公环境5S管理,消除浪费和减少损失。


10.      Liaise with functional or operational area managers to ensure that services policies, program, and activities are appropriate for their current and future business needs. 联络与协调相关职能部门,确保职能领域内的服务方针、服务项目、服务活动符合目前及未来的业务需求。


11.      Support employee’s events according to events’ organizer, and make sure that all program/activities are aligned with company’s strategy. 根据活动组织者或者负责人的要求提供合理支持,确保所有活动方案与公司目前和未来发 展的方针保持一致。


12.      Lead, direct, evaluate, and develop a team of paraprofessional staff to ensure that services activities are completed on time, according to established standards, and within established budgets. 领导、指挥、评估和发展所属专业团队,确保及时提供符合公司管理流程规定且符合预算控制要求的服务支持。

13. Other business services related tasks or projects assigned by manager.完成上级指派的其他项目。