HR Intern 人事实习生
公司名称: 罗氏诊断产品(上海)有限公司
部门名称: 健康医护部
招聘人数: 1
发布日期: 2019-04-28
工作地点: 上海


Job Description:

1. Post JD on external job websites 在各类平台上发布招聘信息

2. Screen job applications based on the pre-agreed selection criteria 根据招聘要求筛选简历

3. Conduct initial phone screening for shortlisted candidates 对候选人进行首轮电话面试

4. Arrange and schedule interviews 组织面试

5. Assist HR Officer in building up employer brand 协助进行雇主品牌形象的打造和维护相关工作

6. Assist in training program 支持部门培训项目

7. Support in other ad-hoc work as needed 其他日常工作

Educational & Qualification:

1. Fluent spoken and written in both English and Chinese 中英文听说读写流利

2. Proficiency and MS Office (Excel,Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, etc.) 熟练各种办公软件

3. Good communication skills and interpersonal skills 较好的交流沟通能力

4. High level of professionalism and maturity 较高的专业性

5. Able to work at least 3 days(Mon.-Fri.) per week 一周至少三天

6. Able to work at the position for at least 4 months 持续4个月及以上